Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and Applying

I am not a Yale University student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, we welcome applications from students of accredited U.S. colleges and universities.

I intend to graduate before the start of the program, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, those graduating sometime in the 2023-2024 academic year are eligible to apply for the 2024 Environmental Fellows Program.

If I don’t have prior work experience can I still apply?

Yes, please share with us your experiences as a volunteer or your participation in student organizations.

Do both my recommendations need to come from academic advisors?

No, you are welcome to choose recommenders that will best represent you and your experiences, potential, and aspirations.

Who should apply to the Environmental Fellows Program?

The program is intended for students who have finished at least one year of graduate or doctoral study. The program is open to students from across the United States pursuing a graduate degree with an environmental focus.


How does the application process work?

Once the applications are completed a committee convenes to deliberate and decide which candidates proceed to the second phase of the review process. Phase two involves a video interview with Environmental Fellows Program staff. Applicants are asked to rate their top choices for fellowship placement. however, we cannot guarantee a placement at any particular site. In the third phase, a select group of applicants are accepted contingent upon the placement matching process and final approval from the host organization.

If I am conditionally accepted to the program after the interview will I be guaranteed a position?

No. While every effort will be made to place all accepted students, the final choice of placement will be made by the host organization. If a match cannot be made, you will not be accepted to the program.

Must I be a part of any specific affinity group or have a historically marginalized identity to apply to EFP?

No, all candidates are welcome and encouraged to apply. Regardless of their background, everyone will be equally considered.

Fellowship Host Sites

Can I propose my own summer fellowship site?

No, you cannot propose your own fellowship placement site. Fellows will choose from a preexisiting list of fellowship host sites that EFP staff will provide during the second phase of the application process. Applicants that have progressed to the second phase of the application process will have the opportunity to rank their fellowship placement sites. These preferences will be taken into account by EFP staff when matching a Fellow with a host site. 

May I choose the fellowship site where I would most like to work?

Site placement is a shared matching process that considers your intrerst and the needs of the work site. During the second phase of the application process you will be asked to rate your top choices, but we do not guarentee a placement at one of those sites. 

Should I reach out to fellowship host sites/organizations on my own if I’m interested in EFP or have questions?

Please DO NOT make contact with an organization before you are selected for the fellowship and placed by the EFP staff.  If you are selected as a fellow, we will inform you when it is time to make such a contact. If you have questions about EFP or regarding a specific organization please contact EFP staff.

May I contact the host site directly for more information about the listed internship responsibilities?

Please DO NOT contact the host site. The Environmental Fellows Program Office will facilitate contact when the placement is confirmed.

Can I get academic credit for participating in the Environmental Fellows Program?

No, program participants cannot get academic credit for EFP activities.

Program Logistics

How is the stipend distributed?

Stipends of  $13,000 will be given through multiple disbursements throughout the summer. Final payment is contingent upon completion of all program requirements.

Is travel assistance available?

Yes, travel assistance to your site placement is available. Additionally, travel costs are covered for fellows attending the orientation.

Is housing provided by the Environmental Fellows Program?

No, housing is the responsibility of the fellow.

Is there a cost to attend New Horizons?

No, your travel and lodging costs will be covered through the EFP.

Can I be fired from my internship?

Yes. We will make every effort to make a strong match between fellows and the host sites, but in the event that fellows do not complete expected requirements or comport themselves in a professional manner they may be released from their positions. In this scenario, no further stipend payments will be made.