Why EFP?

  • We offer a competitive base stipend of $13,000 plus travel support for your 12-week summer internship.
  • We provide an orientation to help participants navigate their work sites and include an introduction to philanthropy.
  • Fellows are placed across the nation at nationally recognized nonprofits, social justice organizations, philanthropic organizations, environmental media outlets, policy think tanks, governmental institutions, and grassroots environmental organizations.
  • EFP opens the doors to professional development opportunities with environmental professionals at host sites, at the annual New Horizons in Conservation Conference.
  • Upon graduating from the program, alums gain access to and help build a robust alumni network of young professionals in the environmental field.
  • During and after the program, fellows participate in diversity, equity, and inclusion training in the environmental field.
  • As a fellow, you gain access to mentoring, career counseling, and advice on navigating the job market.
  • Fellows and alums receive information about jobs and updates about other program alumni.